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Collective Labor Agreement with the CBR


We have reached an agreement on the collective labor agreement. It was a very tough job, but in the end we are satisfied with the agreement reached! We accept the agreement positively de Uniemembers.

Our CAO delegation members Martin van Straten and Marjan Geiger are also positive about this and present it with a positive voting advice. It's not all we wanted, but we and our executives are satisfied with the deal. There is simply not more to it. Below is an outline of the process and the results. This is also a call to come to the CBR location Utrecht on Tuesday April 24, 2018 at 20.00 p.m. where we, together with the CBR, will explain the agreement and where you can ask all your questions.

Het proces

In March 2018, we presented the negotiation result in a neutral manner. The outcome was clear. Two thirds of the members disagreed with the result. The result turned out to be insufficient. Many members also let us know why it was insufficient: in particular, handing in (too) many ATV days was a tricky issue. But the lack of clarity in the texts did not invite the vote 'in favor' either.

The CBR then invited us for an exploratory meeting. During that conversation we indicated why the vote was against and that if the CBR wanted a collective labor agreement, they really had to accommodate us. We also discussed the culture of mistrust in the organization. We have also received this back from several members. A striking example was: “Nice to hear all those agreements, but when push comes to shove, those agreements are suddenly explained differently by the manager”.

In the subsequent consultations, we mainly explored whether there was sufficient confidence in a positive outcome. There was, albeit moderately. The result was that in a small context, together with the controller, executives and HR, we spent a day doing calculations to arrive at a suitable solution direction.

Based on those results, we made an ultimate attempt to get out last week. It was very difficult. Every full stop and comma has been talked about long and penetrating. The way in which the ATV days were compensated was a major stumbling block, but smoothing out all the 'loose ends' from the earlier negotiation result was also difficult. We finally got out at 23.00 p.m.

The outline of the agreement

There is now an agreement with several elements. Read the complete agreement in detail here. There is also a calculation tool to calculate exactly what the shift in the atv days regulation means.

  • The term is until December 31, 2019.
  • We have agreed on a structural wage increase of 7,05%. Not a one-off, but everything structurally because this simply yields more for the employees in the long term.
  • Good compensation has been agreed (also for employees under the age of 58) for reducing the ATV days for everyone. Not directly in days, but in money that can be used to buy back days.
  • Two variants of vitality scheme for the 64 years and older: 50/70/100 and 60/80/100 scheme instead of atv days.
  • Adjustment of the ATV scheme. The starting point is that these will decrease, but there is a financial compensation so that you can buy back a large number of these days.
  • Adjustment of the overtime scheme for employees in job group 70 who now receive an overtime allowance for planned overtime under certain conditions.
  • The 3-month benefit is changed to a retirement benefit.
  • Agreements to if vakbondand to think along on behalf of the employees about the cultural change and how this should take shape.
  • The PIZ course is now 1 day, but there is the possibility to have a financial photo taken from the age of 55 so that it becomes clear where you stand and what your financial options are for the future.

All in all, there is now an agreement that we can enter into the future together. Received after the meeting Utrecht de Uniemembers a voting form to express an opinion on this agreement.

We would like to see the members on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 20.00 p.m. in Utrecht.


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