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What are the crucial professions?

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The cabinet has decided to close primary schools and after-school care until at least 9 January. This is how it hopes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Only people with a crucial profession are allowed to take their children to emergency care; in this way they can make an effort to keep society going. But what are the crucial professions? And what about the reception arrangement? You read it here.

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The crucial professions

Especially for this corona crisis, the government has compiled a list of the crucial professions:

  • Staff working in vital processes.
  • Transport of people and goods by rail and road, including public transport and the transport of fuels such as coal, oil, petrol and diesel.
  • Postal and parcel delivery.
  • Care and youth care, and (social) support, including production and transport of medicines and medical devices.
  • People who perform necessary work after a person's death.
  • Employees of educational institutions, for example for distance learning and exams.
  • People who make childcare possible.
  • Necessary processes in the food chain: everyone in supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, fish and vegetable sales and other food retail stores. This also includes others who contribute to this: think of the distribution chain, industry and farmers who maintain the food chain.
  • Collection, transport, processing and recycling of waste, waste water and garbage.
  • Employees of news media focused on the provision of information to society.
  • Deployment of the police, fire brigade, ambulance care, control room processes, GHOR, crisis management of the security regions.
  • Necessary government processes at central government, provinces, municipalities and water boards and the judiciary that are aimed at providing services to citizens. This concerns, for example, the democratic process and representatives of the people, payment of benefits and allowances, issuance of permits, probation, bailiffs, civil affairs, consulates and ambassadors, judicial institutions, forensic clinics and necessary processes in the asylum chain.
  • Professions aimed at obtaining official documents, such as photographers and photo studios.
  • Indispensable facility or support functions for one of the above crucial professional groups: think of cleaning, repair, security, enforcement, supervision and ICT.

On the website of the national government you will find an up-to-date overview of the crucial professional groups and vital processes.

Right to reception

Does one of the parents work in a crucial profession? Then you can take your children to emergency care. Children in a vulnerable position can also go to emergency care. Whether they can also go to emergency care during the Christmas holidays depends on the opening hours of the after-school care – schools are in any case closed during the holiday period.

More information

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