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What are the crucial professions?

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The cabinet decided yesterday to close all schools and childcare until January 19. Only people who work in a critical profession are allowed to take their children to school or day care; this way they can make an effort to keep society going. But what are the crucial professions? And what about the reception arrangement exactly? You read it here.

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The crucial professions

Especially for this corona crisis, the government has compiled a list of the crucial professional groups. Whoever works in these groups ensures that our society continues to run during the crisis. These are the crucial professional groups according to the national government:

  • Staff working in vital processes.
  • Care, Youth Assistance and (Social) Support, including production and transport of medicines and medical devices.
  • Teachers and staff needed at school, such as for distance learning, childcare and exams.
  • Public transport.
  • Food chain: the food chain must be viewed in a broad sense. This consists of supermarkets, the supply of supermarkets, the processing industry and the transport of this industry, but also the collection of products from farmers, the delivery of, for example, animal feed and other products to farmers, the access of workers for the harvest.
  • Transport of fuels such as coal, oil, petrol and diesel.
  • Collection, transport, recycling and processing of waste, waste water and garbage.
  • Day-care.
  • Media and communication: for the provision of information to society, which is essential to keep abreast of what is going on.
  • Continuity of emergency services (police and defense have already been declared vital):
    - control room processes
    - fire services
    - ambulance care
    - GHOR (Medical Assistance Organization in the Region, ed.)
    - crisis management of the security regions
  • Necessary government processes (central government, province, municipalities and water boards), for example, payment of benefits and allowances, civil matters, consulates and embassies, judicial institutions and forensic clinics.
  • Indispensable facility or support functions (such as cleaning, security, supervision, ICT) for one of the above crucial professional groups.

For the Netherlands, there have always been companies that have processes that have been designated as vital. Even if you fulfill an indispensable function for one of these vital processes, you can call on childcare.

An up-to-date overview of all crucial professional groups and vital processes? Check the website of the National Government.

Right to reception

It is important that people with the above occupational groups can continue to work and have the opportunity to bring children to daycare or school. This option is offered to parents who both work in a crucial professional group - even if you did not use it before the crisis. If one of the parents works in a crucial professional group, it is only allowed if there is no other option. Even if you have an indispensable facility or support role for a crucial professional group, you can make use of childcare.

Please note: children with symptoms of illness are not allowed to go to school or day care.

More information

We wrote all frequently asked questions about corona and your work ahead of you. Do you have questions about the 'reception arrangement' or other work-related questions about corona? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. sc@unie.nl and 0345 851 963.