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What does the corona crisis mean for my reintegration?

The delay in your reintegration process may be delayed due to corona, for your employer there are currently no wage penalties.

If you fall ill for a long time, you will be faced with a reintegration process of a maximum of two years. This process is laid down in the Gatekeeper Improvement Act, which states, among other things, which rights and obligations you, your employer and your health and safety doctor have during this period. The corona crisis has changed this process a bit. The period after your reintegration process can also be different than normal. What exactly is changing? Our experts are happy to explain it to you.

Gatekeeper Improvement Act

In order to promote the recovery of sick employees, the Improvement Act is a gatekeeper included a number of steps that must be part of a reintegration process. From appointments with the occupational health and safety doctor and progress discussions with the manager to slowly picking up certain activities. This period lasts a maximum of two years, after which the reintegration process will hopefully be successfully completed. Have you recovered? Then you can work again. If you have not yet fully recovered, you are (partially) incapacitated for work, you will enter the Work and Income according to Labor Capacity Act (WIA) and you may receive benefits.

Corona and your reintegration

The corona crisis and government measures have made many steps in the reintegration process more difficult or impossible. For example, you cannot visit the health and safety doctor and maybe even go to work to resume some activities. This can cause delays. Therefore, start a conversation with your employer and health and safety doctor. Try to come up with solutions and alternatives together, and adjust your plan of action where necessary. You and your employer both have a duty to do your best for your reintegration.

First or second track

The primary goal during a reintegration process is to return to your company. That is why it is called the 'first track'. But does that not work, for example now due to corona? Then you can also see if there is a solution 'in the second track': a place where you can work outside your own organization. After all, there are now many sectors where work is virtually stagnant, but also a few that are running faster than normal.

Wage penalty

Finding a back-to-work solution is primarily the responsibility of your employer. After the two years, the UWV will therefore check whether your employer has made enough effort for your reintegration. If not, the UWV can impose a wage sanction on your employer: he must then pay you a maximum of one year's salary. The UWV has announced to take into account possible delays due to corona.

Corona and your WIA benefit

If you are still (partially) incapacitated for work after two years, you may be entitled to a benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA). Condition for this benefit: you and your employer have done your best for your reintegration. The UWV will inspect your reintegration report and has announced that it will be slightly more lenient on a temporary basis. So is your reintegration complicated by corona? Then you are probably still entitled to a WIA benefit.

More information

Curious about the consequences of corona for your reintegration process or WIA benefit? Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m., on 0345 851 963 or