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What if my employer is an own risk carrier?

I am an employee and I am sick

In case of illness, your employer is legally obliged to continue to pay your wages for 2 years. He must also do his utmost to reintegrate you into suitable work in those 2 years. But what happens if you are still unfit for (suitable) work after those 2 years of illness?

What happens if I am still sick after 2 years?

If this does not work and you are still sick after 2 years, the UWV will assess whether you are eligible for disability benefit. If you are partially incapacitated for work, i.e. between 35 and 80%, you will receive a WGA benefit from the UWV. Even if you are completely incapacitated for work, i.e. between 80 and 100%, you can receive WGA benefit.

This is the case if your health situation can improve over time. WGA stands for: Return to Work for Partially Disabled People. The WGA benefit is paid by the UWV. The UWV also supervises your reintegration. Your (former) employer pays a differentiated premium to the tax authorities in return.

My employer is an own risk carrier

Your employer can also choose to pay the benefit to you himself. This is possible if he chooses to use a so-called own risk bearer for the WGA to become. As a self-risk bearer, an employer is obliged to pay the WGA benefit to his incapacitated (ex) employee himself for 10 years. The employer can actually do this himself or he can arrange the payment through the UWV. The latter is the most common. The UWV then pays out the benefit and declares it to the employer.

Usually, employers choose to subsequently place the deductible with an insurance company. In this case, the (former) employer does not pay a differentiated premium to the tax authorities, but an insurance premium to his insurer.

If the employer chooses to become an own risk bearer, he is also obliged to continue to make reintegration efforts. Even if you are no longer employed by your employer, in this case you will still be approached by the employer about the reintegration.

Not even?

If you do not agree with a decision of your employer, you can lodge an objection. The UWV is then the body where the notice of objection procedure is conducted.


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