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Insurance companies: Report on collective labor agreement consultations 29 September 2020

Consultations for the collective labor agreement were resumed on 29 September 2020. Consultations were difficult. The collective labor agreement is an important subject, but of course there are more issues. All those involved do their best to arrive at a good collective labor agreement that suits the sector and the uncertainty in which employees but also companies now find themselves.

Difficult discussion points

There are a number of discussion points on the table where the parties are making little progress.

In this respect:

  • Salary
  • Costs of the average salary pension scheme
  • 13de month for temporary workers
  • DI scheme for older employees

For these subjects, it does not seem feasible to agree in this CLA that temporary workers are also entitled to the 13de month if the permanent employees are entitled to this. We are still talking about other agreements for flex workers.

For older employees, we are discussing a - limited - voluntary early retirement scheme. Trade unions want to comply with the tax rules. The government allows employers to pay compensation to employees who voluntarily take early retirement. In this situation, the employer may pay 21.000 euros per year for a maximum of three years without this being taxed extra. Employers have yet to respond to this proposal.

Vitality leave is also another important point of discussion. In the previous collective labor agreement, the parties reached agreement on a vitality leave scheme. This was one of the major benefits of the previous collective labor agreement. The employers now argue that the scheme has unforeseeable consequences for business operations. They therefore want to adjust the scheme. We have yet to talk about these adjustments. We are prepared to make reasonable adjustments, but we do not want to essentially affect this recent collective labor agreement.

Other subjects

In the consultation we continued to focus on the following topics:

  • Introduction of the work pressure monitor
  • Agreements regarding working from home
  • Structural personal SE budget of 750 euros
  • Career Switch Scheme

We are making progress on these topics, but there are no definitive agreements yet.


The next meeting is on October 8, 2020. This is also the last meeting date in our agenda.


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