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Insurance companies: Still little progress in collective bargaining

On July 14, 2020, consultations were held again about the industry collective labor agreement for insurance companies. Although the intention was to discuss all the topics on the table, this did not happen. The discussion about retirement took a lot of time. And while it was good to have this conversation, we have not come any closer to a negotiation outcome.

Pension scheme

This round of negotiations mainly focused on the average pay scheme. We have not discussed the defined contribution scheme, which is included as an alternative in the collective labor agreement. Neither was the pension agreement discussed. Nothing is yet known about new legislation, so the pension agreement will not play a role in these collective bargaining negotiations.

Average pay scheme

The insured career average scheme is based on the pension agreements in the industry collective labor agreement. The collective labor agreement defines the minimum average salary scheme that must be offered. The minimum for the insured career average scheme is a pension commitment for which 1,75% is accrued annually. As of January 1, 2020, the costs of the minimum pension scheme were approximately 35% of the pension basis, by 1 January 2021 this will probably (at an interest rate of approximately 0,5%) be approximately 40% of the pension basis. The employee's contribution is fixed at 6% of the pension basis. The premium increase is for the account of the employer. The discussion was about how much the average pay scheme may cost and about a fair distribution of the cost increase.

Opinion De Unie

De Unie does not want to increase the employee premium, employees can also contribute by temporarily settling for a lower accrual than 1,75%. It is a complicated discussion that we have not yet finished with the employers.

Employers' position

The employer clearly states in the collective labor agreement negotiations that they believe that the total employment conditions costs should not increase. De Unie does not consider this a realistic starting point in the negotiations.

Next steps

The next collective bargaining will be on September 8, September 29 and October 8, 2020. In the period up to September 8, all parties can consider a good agreement about the pension scheme.


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