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Insurance companies: collective bargaining will start

Result of voting proposal letter

Start on September 24, 2019 De Unie with the negotiations for the Industry Cao for the insurance companies. The members of De Unie have approved the draft proposal letter by a large majority. Various members have made valuable proposals on how to flesh out the principles in this newsletter. read here. go through the draft proposal letter again.

For example, valuable suggestions were made to give substance to the proposals to: facilitate employees to take control of their employability and career and facilitate employees in balancing their work-life balance.

Many members indicate that the collective salary increase is the most important part of collective bargaining. Members realize that a significant salary increase is necessary. After all, a large part of the gross salary increase will flow away again due to inflation, the rise of property tax, among other things, and the announced tax increases for financing the energy transition. I feel a lot of pressure from members that the 4% collective salary increase with which we start the consultation does not offer much room for negotiation.


The employers want to start the negotiations by specifying common starting points. That is the first item on the agenda of the meeting of September 24, 2019. Many topics from the proposal letter of De Unie come from the social agenda. Employers have also endorsed the social agenda. It is a good step to find out whether we read the social agenda in the same way and whether we see the same solutions within the framework of the social agenda.

The last item on the agenda is retirement. We established a new pension scheme in the previous collective labor agreement. The recent fall in interest rates has made pensions considerably more expensive again. The CLA stipulates that the CLA parties discuss the pension scheme if the interest rate rises or falls sharply. The limits set in the collective labor agreement have been exceeded, so the parties to the collective labor agreement must put pensions on the agenda again.

And further

The following meeting dates have been set for collective bargaining:

  • September 24 noon - 12.00 pm
  • November 6 noon - 12.00 pm
  • November 25th 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • December 17 12.00 noon - 17.00 pm

After each meeting, I, advocate Inge de Vries, inform the members in a digital newsletter about the progress in the negotiations.


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