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Report of the ING collective labor agreement negotiations

ING Bank's CLA expired on 1 January 2019, which is why we are negotiating a new CLA. The members of De Unie are kept informed of the progress of the negotiations. The previous newsletter is here. to read.


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I would like to hear something per theme de Uniefind members of the negotiations. Please give a number from 0 to 10 to indicate whether you are satisfied or not. What does it take to increase the grade? Mail me!


Read below for each theme the elaborations and concrete scenarios that have recently been drawn up. Note: these are not points on which agreement has already been reached and they will certainly not all be realized. We do think it is important to go through these now so that employees can provide us with input.

Salary offer
Earlier, the trade unions made a joint wage offer to ING of a total of 5%. This has now been further specified to 3,6% structural salary increase, 1% incidental MCU and 0,4% value due to time for follow-up of the well-being program. The unions have asked ING to respond to this in the coming negotiation days.

4 × 9
ING has indicated that it wishes to question this practice. De Unie intends to indicate to the bank that this is not negotiable. What do employees think? Should 4 × 9 remain possible, please let me know!

Reward and appreciate
When it comes to rewarding and valuing, there are three proposals that we refer to. These are:

  • The social collective benefit (MCU). The funding of the MCU comes from the development of the RoE, which determines the maximum feasible amount per employee. This yields between 0 and 2000 euros gross per year per full-time employee. This depends on the scores on the parameters NPS (customer), MijnKoersPlan (employee) and the Sustainability index (society).
  • Assess and reward disconnection. The quality of the conversation between the employee and manager is central. To achieve this, the employee should receive a periodic increment as standard unless this is not satisfactory. If the employee creates extra value, the manager could have the employee take an extra step. Shortages in the labor market should be rewarded in a different way with temporary allowances.
  • Valuing non-financially. This will be more of a culture program in which the threshold for managers will be lowered and will be directed towards drawing up the budget for this.

Time and workload
We have some abstract and concrete points to negotiate.

  • Reduce work pressure that leads to stress.
  • Contributing to the change from a focus on money to a focus on time as the most important factor in quality of life and happiness in life.
  • Coaching and advice on development and setting priorities.
  • Flying squads for the office organization to also have time and formation for development and at the same time keep the office open.
  • Further discussion about flexible regulation of working hours.
  • Developing frameworks for (in) accessibility of employees.
  • Develop initiatives together with employees to achieve custom improvements in an agile way of working.

Craftsmanship and development
We have already achieved a great deal in the field of sustainable employability at ING. Nevertheless, we want to set out a few actions for the new collective labor agreement.

  • Providing insight into the development of the internal and external labor market by fellow coaches as well as input for individual development.
  • Energize conversations about the ABC plan and reload my course plan.
  • Stimulate change by removing obstacles to the realization or implementation of existing collective labor agreement agreements.

It is a somewhat less tangible and broad topic, but there are concrete proposals:

  • Invest in being proud of ING.
  • Start from the scientifically based statement that companies involved have better motivated employees and vice versa.
  • There will be a covenant under which banks, the ministry and education want to make it possible to start working in education as side entrants.
  • ING employees can get advice on making their homes more sustainable (Terra project).
  • There will be an activation campaign on ethics with a focus on the orange code, bankers' oath and E-learnings.
  • Create an ING pool with attention coaches for happiness at work.

ING still needs to respond to two of three points for the subject flex:

  • We want to make work more sustainable by hiring flexible employees.
  • The remuneration for temporary workers contains all regular wage components except the 13e month. The trade unions want to add this, as long as it is not at the expense of the wage margin of the permanent employees.
  • ING has been asked to speak out as an employer about the platform economy.

Incapacity for work / disability
The concrete proposals regarding the theme of incapacity for work and work disability are:

  • ING pays extra (external) attention to finding a job for employees with a disability class of 0 to 35% and 35 to 80%.
  • With the help of external support, ING will make an extra effort to place 20 people with disabilities at ING every year.

The points to be discussed are:

  • The desire to have collective income insurance for employees with a disability of 0 to 35% who leave ING through a reorganization is expensive. For a small group of people, it requires four million euros per year to insure this. We are examining whether there are other ways to improve their income security.
  • ING is appealing to the Supreme Court about the continuation of the pension accrual as an (in) equal provision for the transition payment. ING therefore does not want to make any other arrangements for the past, but other arrangements about the (un) equivalent provision are possible in the future.

Agile collective labor agreement

ING and the trade unions have agreed to make the coming collective labor agreement more agile. Starting with drawing up the collective labor agreement itself and implementing it. The agile working method offers opportunities and greater responsibility on the part of the parties and better guarantees with regard to implementation. The trade unions are committed to sufficient time and money to be able to contribute to this. The priority is quickly realizable epics so that employees and members see immediate results.

Coming negotiation days

We have Wednesday the 13and Thursday the 14e February stand for follow-up discussions on the six themes and the wage offer. The 19e and 20th February have been booked as a reserve and I estimate that we need them to reach a deal.

Live chat

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, a delegation of the negotiators will be able to chat live about the collective labor agreement negotiations. Register as a member of the collective labor agreement panel and go to 'my communities' and chat with me between 12.00:13.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, the other vakbonddirectors or ING negotiators. We are happy to answer questions about remuneration and appreciation, craftsmanship and development, time and work pressure, disability, flex and CSR. An opinion about the wage offer, what is needed to develop or give an opinion about whether or not to work 4 × 9 hours a week? Let us know; we would love to hear and answer immediately!


The collective labor agreement delegation of De Unie, Yoap Brugmann, Gerlinde Korterink and Emanuel Geurts, are curious about their opinion on the negotiations. Because for de Uniemembers we do these negotiations. De UnieAfter all, members can influence the course and outcome of the negotiations through a vote. We keep de Uniemembers are aware of everything during the negotiations. Let us know a comment! I ask to forward this member letter to interested colleagues. Who knows, they want too become a member of De Unie and make their voices heard.


For questions and / or comments about this newsletter, please contact me by e-mail or call 06-5252 2074. Looking forward to hearing from you!