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Report of the ING collective labor agreement negotiations

ING Bank's CLA expired on 1 January 2019 and we are now negotiating a new CLA. As a member of De Unie you will be kept informed of the progress of those negotiations in the coming months.

The previous newsletter is here. to read. Friday January 25, 2019 there was another round of negotiations between De Unie, the other trade unions and ING.

Reward and appreciate

We have discussed the possible criteria for the social collective benefit and whether it should be a percentage or nominal amount. We also considered the (dis) linking of assessment and remuneration. We share the conclusion that the quality of the conversation between the employee and manager is central, but differ in understanding of how to do this. For now, three ways have been put on the table to fill this in. The first is to give a fixed periodic value by default. The second is to allow the manager to determine discretion how to distribute the potential salary increase across the group. The third method is to determine the value on the labor market by means of a benchmark and to base the possible salary increase on that. Is there a preference for one or the other scenario? Or another idea? I would like to receive a response by e-mail!

Time and workload

We have now collected a lot of information and it is now important to turn it into negotiation scenarios. It is a complex issue and the question is which problem can we solve with what? In any case, we know that the need for time differs per employee. As we now estimate on the basis of the available information, this mainly concerns the difference between the amount of work and labor available and the resolving capacity of employees and managers to (be able to) act on this. I would like to de Uniemembers want to know what the problem is? How do we solve this and what does that mean for the collective labor agreement? Discuss this with a manager. How does he or she view it?

Incapacity for work / disability

We have already made some progress in the discussions. The contours of agreements on the theme of incapacity for work and work disability are:

  • ING pays extra (external) attention to finding a job for employees with a disability class of 0 to 35% and 35 to 80%.
  • With the help of external support, ING will make an extra effort to place 20 people with disabilities at ING every year.
  • To improve the income security of employees with a disability of 0 to 35% who leave ING through a reorganization, we are looking for a collective income insurance policy on the market.
  • ING has appealed to the Supreme Court about the continuation of the pension accrual as an (in) equivalent provision for the transition payment. ING does not want to make any other arrangements for the past, but arrangements are possible for the future.

Agile collective labor agreement

ING wants to make the coming collective labor agreement more agile and differentiate according to target groups. The bank has given an initial idea about this, but how exactly this is seen will be discussed in more detail. The trade unions have discussed this among themselves with the executives. For us, a more 'flexible' collective labor agreement also has the advantage that we do not have to save up subjects, but can discuss more in a continuous dialogue.

Coming negotiation days

This week we have Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for follow-up talks. We use Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Zeist to turn the information collected into concrete negotiation scenarios. We will then negotiate further about this on Friday in Eindhoven.

Be welcome!

During the negotiation days, a delegation of the negotiators can discuss what is going on and what needs to be arranged in the collective labor agreement. On Friday, January 25, 2019 we did that in Leeuwarden and on February 1, 2019 we are in Eindhoven. Check One Intranet for exact times and locations.


I am curious about the opinion of de Uniemembers on the negotiations and the topics. Because for de Uniemembers, I am conducting these negotiations, together with the collective labor agreement executives Yoap Brugmann and Gerlinde Korterink. As a member of De Unie there is influence on the course and outcome of the negotiations by one vote. We keep de Uniemembers are aware of everything during the negotiations. Give us a comment! Also forward this member letter to interested colleagues. Who knows, they want too become a member of De Unie and make their voices heard.


For questions and / or comments about this e-mail I can be reached via and 06-5252 1074. Looking forward to the responses!