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Report of the steering group consultation Aegon October 2018

De Unie regularly consults with Aegon. We then discuss the state of affairs of the company and current developments. Study agreements have been made in the collective labor agreement that must be completed before the next collective agreement negotiations. Progress in these agreements is discussed with De Unie. On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, we had the first steering group consultation since we concluded the collective labor agreement negotiations.

Progress of study appointments

We talked extensively about two study appointments.

Equal pay research:
The statistical research is set up professionally. We have thoroughly discussed which aspects should be included in the study. De Unie finds it important that we get a correct picture from the research. You always have to be careful with statistical research. We can discuss the first results in mid-November.

Research assessment system:
Aegon would like to change the rating system. A tripartite working group has now started to prepare for this process. De Unie takes part in this working group because a new appraisal system affects the individual salary increase. But this can also have consequences in other areas. The working group has set to work energetically.

The other study agreements were briefly discussed. Aegon has reported on the informal care project. A survey has been issued by the Stichting Werk & Mantelzorg. This is properly completed. On November 9, 2018, Aegon is organizing an event as part of the national informal care day.

The financial future fit plan has also been implemented. A web-based financial picture can be filled in.


The next meeting of the steering group will be on 19 November 2018. We will then in any case discuss the research into equal pay and the research into a different assessment system. De Unie wants to be able to adopt the text of the collective labor agreement and the social plan. This is not ready yet.