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Report of the periodic consultation Rabo and Obvion on 9 and 12 April 2021

On Friday April 9 there was periodic consultation with Obvion and Monday April 12 there was periodic consultation with the Rabobank. We would like to inform you of the matters we discussed there from both meetings.

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Consultation with Rabobank

After the agreement of the members, it is now time to work on the collective labor agreement texts and the study agreements. The CLA texts will be discussed in consultation with the bank on 21 April. In the coming two years, we will be tackling the five study agreements, namely pension, 80-90-100 scheme, flex work, GROW! and impact new way of working. These study agreements are worked out in working groups into advice, (im) possibilities and scenarios and staffed with at least one vakbonds driver and executives. We will soon come to talk more about the exact assignment, time commitment and staffing.

The development budget for 2021 has been 'paid' in accordance with the collective labor agreement, so get started! Bee De Unie you've come to the right place when it comes to a quick scan of your career. Currently, all employees are being asked to register their regular working days in Workday. Based on this, the homeworking allowance is paid in May. Incidentally, some employees would have preferred an hourly fee instead of a day. The starting point for us was the compensation for the activity working at the office or at home or being free and therefore not receiving any compensation.

At the request of the unions, Jaap Willems provided an explanation of cooperative change, including Banking 3.5 and Excellent Customer Service, and at the request of the bank, Erik Jan Bolsius provided an explanation of Rabobonds' working method (

Two things that De Unie added, are the signal that employees are sometimes asked to take a day off in the event of short-term absenteeism. This is not the intention according to HR. The other point is the court decision on appeal about 24 employees with a lease car at Rabobank. The judge has ruled on each case. Rabobank subsequently handled approximately 350 individual cases about lease cars with a temporary assessment committee. The bank is almost ready here and all employees will know where they stand.

Consultation Obvion

At Rabo subsidiary Obvion, the goals for the future have been set and a 9 to 10% share in the mortgage market has been chosen. The organization is running well, intermediaries and customers are satisfied and the scores of the latest employee surveys prove that Obvion has transformed itself from a search into a successful organization. Others have also noticed this transition. Organizational consultancy GITP has also written an article about it. Worth reading!

Change of representative

After seven years representing interests, Inge de Vries takes over the Rabobank and Obvion accounts from me. We have had a number of meetings and will do so. Contacts are re-established to allow for a smooth transfer. At the end of April I will complete this and Inge will be your point of contact at Rabobank and Obvion.


If you want to respond to this member letter or want to contact us about a collective matter, you can reach us via en For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the service center department on 0345-851 963, via email or the chat function We are happy to help you!