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Report of the NN Group and Delta Lloyd members' meetings

In the past two weeks, members' meetings have been held about the proposal for a collective labor agreement and the social plan for NN. De Unie has held nine members' meetings. These members' meetings were well attended. We were able to explain many topics and answer questions. Members indicated that they were happy with the informative meetings.


A PowerPoint presentation was used at the members' meetings. This presentation is made available to members upon popular request. Download here  the presentation. Only additions have been added to the presentation. During the members' meetings, a lot was asked to indicate more clearly how many employees will be supersked in NN's proposal. And it turned out to be unclear to many members what the consequences would be of the proposal to insure the survivor's pension (NP) on a risk basis from now on.

As long as an employee is employed and should die, the partner will receive a pension benefit. If the employee leaves, that risk-based insurance no longer applies. If the employee leaves the company, he or she will be given the option to make an exchange. The employee then hands in part of his / her own pension and a portion of the surviving dependents' pension is replaced. The own pension will then be lower. But on the other hand, a survivor's pension has been purchased.

If the employee leaves the company because he or she is retiring, an exchange can also take place to purchase survivor's pension.

Of course, this depends on your own situation. Whether or not there is a partner. Whether or not a partner has his own pension that is sufficient or not. And if the employee takes up employment elsewhere, how the pension is arranged there.

The costs of this are made transparent in the presentation.


A question that is often asked is whether this proposal can be accepted as only NN or only Delta Lloyd employees for to vote? At Delta Lloyd, the members of all three trade unions must for vote because here the agreements are being broken open. At NN, the agreement of the members of two of the three trade unions is in principle sufficient. But trade unions strive to work together. Both the trade unions and the employer have made it clear that the consent of both groups (NN and Delta Lloyd) is required in order to establish a new collective labor agreement.

Voting procedure extended

De Unie has announced that the vote on the collective labor agreement and on the social plan will run until January 21, 2019 at the latest. The other trade unions have only opened the voting option on January 16, 2019 and have no results on January 21, 2019. De Unie has therefore decided to keep the vote open longer. Voting is allowed until no later than January 27, 2019.


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