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Elections for the Council of Members of De Unie

There will be elections for the Council of Members in February 2020 De Unie. We are looking for candidates and every member of De Unie can stand for election. Read more about the Members Council and these elections. Have you become enthusiastic? Then register as a candidate before November 6, 2019!

The Council of Members

The policy and direction of our association De Unie is determined by the Council of Members. This consists of 12 members headed by the chairman of De Unie. A member of the Council of Members is elected for 4 years and can then be re-elected one more time for a subsequent term.

What do we expect from the members of the Members' Council?

We are looking for committed members who are interested in the association, the promotion of the interests of our members and the developments within the trade union movement. This is not an easy job and you need to have something in your hand to be able to discuss this. We have therefore drawn up competences, you can find it here.

In addition, you must be available for the meetings. The Council of Members meets 5 times a year and these meetings take place during the day. Travel expenses are reimbursed.

In addition, every member of the Council of Members sits on a committee. These committees determine their meeting schedule themselves, but they also usually meet during the day. A vacation and travel allowance is paid for each committee meeting.

How does the nomination procedure go?

  • Members can view tot  November 6 2019 apply through this link fill in the form. We ask for a maximum of 140 words to motivate the nomination. This motivation will also be the text on the basis of which the members can vote for the candidate.
  • An assessment interview will take place with each candidate in November or December. These conversations take place during the day and on that occasion a photo will also be taken that will be used on the election website.
  • A week later, the candidates are invited to a trial meeting of the Council of Members chaired by the chairman of De Unie. This will take place on December 4, 2019.
  • The election committee then finalizes the list of candidates and the elections will start on 17 February 2020. These last 2 weeks and the 12 candidates with the most votes have been chosen.

More information?

For more information or to ask questions, the official secretary can be reached via