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From 1 July the time has come: five weeks extra leave with your newborn child

A few years ago, partners of newly born parents were given only two days' maternity leave. But then came the Extra Birth Leave Act (WIEG). From 1 January 2019, partners have already been given five days of maternity leave, and the next step will follow on 1 July 2020: the additional maternity leave. Partners may then take a maximum of five weeks leave. How exactly does that work? We explain.

 What is supplementary maternity leave?

As a partner, you will therefore already receive your weekly number of working hours on regular birth leave. Do you work 24 hours? Then you will get 24 hours of leave. 40-hour working week? Then that is also 40 hours of leave. You can take it at your own discretion, within four weeks of the birth. With the additional birth leave for partners you will receive - according to the same calculation method - a maximum of five weeks. You can record this until your child is 6 months old. You decide in which form. One period, separate weeks or a few hours here and there, it's all allowed. Some conditions: your child must be born on or after July 1, 2020, and you must first take regular birth leave.

Has the additional maternity leave been paid?

Your regular maternity leave has been paid: your employer pays you 100 percent of your wages for that week. Supplementary maternity leave, on the other hand, is unpaid leave. The UWV does pay 70 percent of your daily wage: the salary that you earn on average per day, and on which you pay taxes and social security contributions. The maximum daily wage changes each year and is € 2020 in 219,28. During your additional birth leave you will therefore never receive more than € 153,50 gross per day.

In concrete terms, this means that your wages during the additional birth leave are at least 30 percent lower than normal. Do you fall below the social minimum during your leave as a result? Then you will not receive a UWV allowance for this. Some collective labor agreements stipulate that your employer will supplement your wages up to 100 percent during your leave. So check your terms of employment carefully.

How do you apply for supplementary maternity leave?

You cannot do that. Your employer applies for leave via the UWV website. To do this, he must report the following to the UWV:

  • the date of birth of your child
  • the number of weeks of leave you want to take (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks)
  • the starting date of the leave
  • a statement that you have already taken one week of standard maternity leave
  • who should receive the benefit: you or your employer

Does your employer receive the benefit? Then that happens in one go; he himself decides how he then pays it out to you. Will you receive the benefit immediately? Then you will receive this afterwards per week.


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