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UWV: New collective labor agreement and social plan

After a long period, an agreement was reached for a new collective labor agreement and social plan for UWV. The members have received an invitation to vote. It is a collective labor agreement for all generations. We are satisfied with the result and positively present this result to the members.

Main features

The agreement is for a period of two years. There is a structural wage increase of 3% per year. An agreement has been made on a vitality pact (80-90-100) so that older employees from 62 years can work sustainably up to their state pension age. For employees under the age of 62, this scheme can be used for a maximum of 6 months in the event of imbalance between work and private life. Young parents can already take advantage of leave for the birth of a child. At least 500 permanent contracts will also be entered into. And the social plan will be extended unchanged. The whole agreement is here to read.


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