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Update collective labor agreement and social plan negotiations GWK Travelex

There have been a number of negotiating rounds in the past period. This has not yet resulted in an agreement.


Negotiations are not going so smoothly. They are always repetitions of moves. We are still far apart on a number of points. In particular, the wage offer finds De Unie too low. It must become a collective labor agreement for two years and the wage offer is now 0,68% for 2018 and 1% for April 2019, 1,5. De Unie has indicated that this is far beyond the mandate. Other points are job evaluation and the freezing of the salary if you are above-scaled. The exact proposal for this has yet to come. Furthermore, the employer is prepared to study a Generation Scheme. This in combination with the current seniority scheme. The proposal for this is a transitional arrangement to age 68 and an adjustment to the number of hours; 63 and 64 years old: 2 hours a week, 65, 66 and 67 years old: 4 hours a week. Provided the employee is enabled to take extra hours unpaid. The latter finds De Unie an important condition, so that you can indicate how much you want to work less. Part is paid with pension accrual and part is unpaid.

Social plan

GWK Travelex actually sees no need for a new social plan. However De Unie urged this to be necessary. Not least because it is also indicated as a priority by the employees! It has been talked about a number of times. The proposal is to adjust the severance payment. And to adapt this more according to the movements in the market. We then talk about the transition payment. We have indicated that we want to have a factor in this. The employer does not want to go further than the transition payment times 1.7 in 2018 and times 2019 in 1.3. We have indicated that we do not want less than factor 2019 for 1.6.


This is the state of the negotiations at the moment. We had hoped to be out now, but it is not that far yet. GWK will now consult internally and will inform us about this. As soon as more is known about it, we will inform the members.


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