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Unilever: CLA negotiation result achieved and VVR URDV completed

The past two days have been devoted to two important topics. On November 12, 2018, there was an opportunity for URVD employees who decided to leave Unilever in the context of the VVR. Tuesday evening (November 13, 2018) De Unie together with the other trade unions reached a negotiation result for the collective labor agreement 2018-2019. We ask de Uniemembers explicitly to vote on this!

Negotiation result CLA

As is known, a collective labor agreement result was still very far away. When we started the talks on Tuesday morning, the positions were far apart. In fact, Unilever's offer consisted of a 1% wage increase as of December 2018, 1,6 and the promise of 20 jobs for temporary workers in Hellendoorn. Plus some minor and smaller issues.

After a day of vigorous negotiations, in which it may also be said that the parties have tackled this constructively, a negotiation result has finally been reached, which we present positively to our members. read here  the complete content of the result.

The main points are:

  •  Duration:
    1 year, from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
  • Wage development:
    2,5% as of October 1, 2018
  • Partnership leave:
    10 days as of 1 January 2019. Now there were two more and from 1 January 2019 legally five. So we are on the double.
  • Jobs in Hellendoorn:
    20 new Unilever contracts in Hellendoorn, of which at least 10 with permanent employment.
  • Sustainable employability:
    Within the working group that has started, with De Unie in the steering group, the subjects will in any case also be De Unie put forward in its proposals.

To vote

De Uniemembers have now received an invitation to vote.

Completion of VVR procedure

From our understanding it has been decided that all registrations for the VVR will be granted. The people who signed up for a voluntary severance package have received confirmation that they will be granted the voluntary severance package for which they have applied. The VPs and directors have also been informed of the outcome of the process.

This completes the process of registering and granting the voluntary severance schemes. We realize that in many cases it has been difficult choices. From De Unie we have done everything in our power to create the best possible framework conditions, to allow our members to make a conscious choice. But it does not alter the fact that not everyone is completely happy with the choice he / she had to make.

I personally wish all our members who have chosen to leave URDV the very best. Do not forget that De Unie is also present at many other companies and sectors and that we can also support there in a possible and unexpected unemployment benefit situation, but also with a choice for another job or even take the first steps as a self-employed person. Or as an (early) pensioner.

I wish the members who have chosen to stay with URDV a bright future within the new to “rebuild” organization.

Aan all members at URDV I wish that in a few years' time they will come to the conclusion that they have now made the right choice.