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Result of vote negotiation result NN

The vote on the proposal for a new collective labor agreement and a new social plan has been completed. The members at NN have an overwhelming majority Tegen the negotiation result voted.

The members with a Delta Lloyd contract are more positive. A majority can agree to the new collective labor agreement. The new social plan can count on the approval of all groups of members.

Analysis of the mood

The job classification has had a major influence on the NN group. Many members indicate that NN has not acted in accordance with the core values ​​of Clear, Care and Commit.

Many members also indicate that they do not agree with the pension agreement. The Dependent's Pension on a risk basis leads to a lot of resistance, because members do not agree with the reduction of the pension.

The third point that provokes a lot of resistance is the termination of the VIC. The supplement that is substituted for this is perceived by many members as insufficient. There are more reasons why members voted against. But these are less commonly shared.

The proposal works out better for the ex-Delta Lloyd employees. A majority of them would be willing to accept the proposal as a collective labor agreement. The supporters indicate that they find the collective salary increases attractive.

The votes against are mainly those who have become superordinate. They point out that at Delta Lloyd scalding had no financial consequences, but now at NN.

Position of De Unie

De Unie has taken the position from the outset that we can only agree on a collective labor agreement if both groups of members agree. Unfortunately, this is not the case. On Monday, January 28, 2019 De Unie informed the employer that the proposal has been rejected by the members. We have requested that the collective labor agreement consultation be resumed. The results for the other trade unions are comparable.

Function plotting

De Unie has already drawn attention to the consequences of function plotting at an earlier stage. De Unie wants a new joint objection and appeal procedure. We believe that everyone should have the right to check the correctness of the job description and the job plotting. We have experienced that the scope of the superordination has an enormous influence on collective bargaining. But also on the assessment of the outcome of the negotiations.

How does it go on?

  • The employer has indicated that it wishes to speak to the trade unions about the result and the causes of the result.
  • Parties to the collective labor agreement will evaluate the result of the vote on 31 January 2019.
  • The employer has not yet determined a position on new negotiations.

What does De Unie?

  • Deployment of De Unie is to conduct collective bargaining again with NN.
  • On February 8, 2019, the executives of De Unie about the commitment to the negotiations.
  • We organize participation of the members to determine the new negotiation effort.


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