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Result of the final offer of the collective labor agreement for contract catering

In this member letter we will discuss the vote of de Uniemembers on the final offer, the position of De Unie in actions and the continuation of the negotiation process.


Final offer vote

In June we received a final offer from employers for a new CLA for Contract Catering. We have put this final offer to the vote de Uniemembers. De Uniemembers rejected the final offer by a minimal majority. Reasons for the vote against were the late moment of the structural wage increase, the amount of the wage increase and the one-off payment for inflight catering (KCS).

Better offer

De Unie calls on employers to resume formal consultations with the three trade unions and to make a better offer to us. An offer that also takes into account the points of de Uniemembers.

Union members and actions

Dissatisfaction with the progress of the negotiations has led to actions at KCS. As a member of the Union you can have to deal with this. Since De Unie has not issued an ultimatum, it is up to the Union members themselves whether or not to be present in their spare time. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.


If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail or call
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