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Explanation of draft proposal letter VGZ CLA

The VGZ CLA expires on December 31, 2019. VGZ wants to start the CLA negotiations in good time and complete them before the summer. De Unie is willing to cooperate in this. But the quality of the collective labor agreement must come first.

The focus of the collective labor agreement negotiations for the year 2020 is somewhat different De Unie concerns the financial employment conditions. As far as we are concerned, the good results of VGZ must be shared with the employees. This view of De Unie is reinforced by the two radical reorganisations announced by VGZ. For some of the Datacare employees, they can become redundant as of October 1, 2019 or January 1, 2020. For many of the KS&O employees, their position will expire on April 1, 2020. Many of these colleagues will be able to stay because they find another position internally. But many of those involved are now in an uncertain situation. A good salary increase is interesting for everyone, both for colleagues who may have to say goodbye and for colleagues who continue to ensure the continuity of VGZ.

In our proposal letter, we also have to respond to two policy changes by VGZ.

Individual salary growth
The VGZ works council recently approved a new performance management system, Mijn Koers. As a result, new agreements must be made in the collective labor agreement about the annual individual salary increase. The collective labor agreement also states that your individual salary growth depends on your assessment. This growth will stop when you have reached your maximum scale salary. Due to the change in policy, the collective labor agreement will also have to be adjusted. You will already be assessed over the year 2019 according to the My Course system. De Unie wants to link individual salary growth to the pace at which you become professionally mature. The maximum scale salary is the salary that is associated with the mature performance of your job. A lower payment is, in a manner of speaking, a discount because your employer is still investing in you. In general, for most positions, you have to be professionally mature in 5 to 8 years. De Unie therefore wants to assume an annual salary growth so that you reach the maximum scale salary in a maximum of 7 years.

Health insurance
In 2018, VGZ changed the business line for the product offering. This has consequences for the extra benefits in kind through the personnel collective. Your employer has maintained the extra benefits in kind for 2019, because the CLA regulated these benefits. But we do have to make new agreements for the year 2020 and beyond. The members emphasize two different aspects. A large number of employees are currently affiliated with the personnel collective. So everyone is interested. Dividing the reserved amount and allocating it to the current employees in the form of a bonus is a solution. The alternative approach is to tie in with the original purpose of the extra benefits. Initially, VGZ and its legal predecessors had a social fund from which employees with excessive healthcare costs could apply for benefits. It is also possible to set up a social fund again, in which VGZ pays an annual amount of 220.000 euros. This also ties in well with the cooperative character of VGZ.

Opinion of the members is important
A draft proposal letter has been prepared based on the emails the advocate received from the members and based on the discussions with various members. Also the employment conditions policy of De Unie is a source of inspiration for the proposal letter. The members have received the draft proposal letter with the request to respond.