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Temporarily easier early retirement

We reported about it at the end of December: there will be a temporary relaxation of the Early retirement scheme (RVU). Where employers first paid a fine if employees took early retirement, they no longer have to do so since 1 January 2021. This makes it easier for you to make agreements with your employer about early retirement.

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Can I retire early now?

The relaxation of the RVU will run until December 31, 2025. Until then, it will cost your employer less if you retire early and it will therefore be easier to make agreements about this. But beware: you are not entitled to it. Ultimately, you have to come to an agreement with your employer. There are two conditions:

  • Withdrawal may take place no later than three years before your state pension age.
  • In the scheme, your employer may pay a maximum of the net AOW tax-free.

In practice, you will therefore retire earlier and your employer will pay your AOW benefit until you have reached the state pension age. You can then supplement this with equity capital or your employee's pension.


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