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Disappointing Rutte III does nothing for the long term

In this Budget Memorandum, the government's long-term vision remains stuck on the abolition of dividend tax. Especially now that the Dutch economy is running like clockwork and the sun is shining for almost everyone, the choices have to be made for the long term. ” That says Reinier Castelein, chairman of vakbond De Unie in response to the Budget Memorandum presented by the cabinet today.

“The cabinet has opted to keep its own voter satisfied in the short term with minor repairs in purchasing power. That is disappointing, ”said Castelein. “It would have been much better to present a serious training agenda for employees. This is badly needed to make people more agile. There is no investment in the innovative power of SMEs and the matching labor market. Even freelancers still don't know where they stand in a legal sense. ”

Energy transition

The energy transition is an example where this agility is desperately needed. “An enormous energy transition is imminent. De Unie lacks a long-term vision that makes this transition possible financially, technically and with the right trained employees, ”says Castelein. “You notice more and more that people do not know whether they should invest or whether they should wait a while before making choices. While the gas tap really closes, the energy transition lingers like a dark cloud over homeowners. That is precisely why the cabinet should now have given direction. ” "An employment agenda that facilitates the retraining of workers and allows SMEs to be the job engine with a sufficient workforce is essential for the future."

Ruth III

The uncertainty about the energy transition is bad for the economy. “The cabinet is missing the point by not making the choice to really help the public and SMEs to be among the real innovators of the energy transition in Europe,” says Castelein. “Rutte III could have gone down in history as a Groenrecht cabinet. Only then would historian Rutte have written history himself. This cabinet is abandoning a forward-looking stitch to keep its own voter satisfied in the short term. ”