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Tata Steel: Negotiation result reached

Our last scheduled negotiation day was April 6, 2022. We did not come closer that day. Negotiations had stalled.

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I, representative Hans Korver, had therefore drawn up an ultimatum letter and had it ready, as well as the invitation for a three-quarter meeting. The intention was to send the invitation to this meeting on Monday 11 April 2022 to you and the other Union members at Tata Steel.

Negotiated further: negotiation result reached

However, last weekend things started to move. On Sunday evening it became clear that Tata Steel wanted to present us with an improved wage offer. De Unie and her fellow unions hastily wiped out their Monday afternoon agenda. We sat down to dinner again.

This eventually led to a negotiation result. The main points of the negotiation result can be here .

We also agreed on a number of other, smaller, points. You will receive the detailed negotiation result when we open the vote on the negotiation result.

Members meeting invitation

The negotiation result has been difficult to achieve. And we haven't realized our full commitment. That is why I think it would be good to provide an explanation of the negotiated result at a members' meeting. The members' meeting also offers you the opportunity to ask me questions about the result and the process of how it came about.

I therefore cordially invite the members to the members' meeting on Thursday 14 April at 14:15 pm in room 6 of the Dudokhuis.

I'd love to see you then!

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments? Then don't hesitate to contact me. You can contact me on and on 06-5252 2073.