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Filling stations and washing companies: what do you think is important in the new collective labor agreement?

The collective labor agreement for petrol stations and laundry companies runs until 31 December 2021. We will therefore start negotiations for a new collective labor agreement in November.

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What are your wishes?

De Unie naturally represents the interests of its members in the best possible way. That is why I am curious about what you find important in the new collective labor agreement. These can be things that are already in the collective labor agreement, but also things that you would like to have in it.

So let me know what your wishes are for the new collective labor agreement. Then I'll take it with me in the upcoming negotiations. You can pass on your wishes by sending me an email. You can find my details later in this post.

A new advocate

My colleague Albert Meeuwissen has De Unie abandoned that's why the petrol stations and washing companies have recently been added to my package. I am a member of the Social Fund for the Gas Stations and Washing Companies and I act on behalf of De Unie the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations.

My name is Hans Korver and I have been working as an advocate for De Unie. Before that, I worked almost my entire working life at UWV and its predecessors. In addition to the petrol stations and laundry companies, my package currently consists of: private security, a number of companies in the Metalektro (Large metal), a number of companies in the Metal & Technology (Small metal), Tata Steel and Albert Heijn Offices and Shop Management.

I am looking forward to agreeing and maintaining the best possible employment conditions for you and your colleagues!

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments or would you like to pass on your collective labor agreement wishes? Please contact me. I can be reached via hans.korver@unie.nl and on 06-5252 2073.