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Sweco: Outcome of negotiations 2018/2019 and result of members' consultation third WW / WGA year

The outcome of lengthy negotiations

In recent months, there have been lengthy consultations between Sweco Nederland, employee organizations and the works council (OR). A tour of the country about this took place in December. We are now a few weeks further. Sweco Netherlands has one negotiation result reached with one of the employee organizations and the works council for a contract for a period of two years (2018-2019). In this result, in addition to the primary employment conditions, subjects such as:

  • expansion of the Sweco academy,
  • introduction of Sweco Talk and
  • the possibility to have personal career scans and a financial scan made

The other two employee organizations including De Unie were less enthusiastic but nevertheless presented the outcome to the members. It was mainly in hiding a “collective” increase in the matrix.

Another tour of the country

De Uniemembers are invited to one of the meetings in which we further explain the result / outcome. Below: where and when? At this point, the last periods and commas are set and everything is set up before the meetings Inside.

After the meetings, i.e. after Thursday 14 February 2019, the staff / members (who fall under this CLA) will be consulted.

I myself will be present in Rotterdam, Zwolle, Eindhoven and Arnhem.

Schedule office visits AVO
Day Date(s) Location Time Space
Monday 11 Feb Middelburg 12.00-13.00 Grevelingen
Monday 11 Feb Rotterdam 16.00-17.00 Coolsingel
Tuesday 12 Feb Groningen 12.00-13.00 canteen
Tuesday 12 Feb Zwolle 16.00-17.00 canteen
Wednesday 13 Feb Eindhoven 12.00-13.00 Square
Wednesday 13 Feb Arnhem 16.00-17.00 canteen
Thursday 14 Feb Alkmaar 12.00-13.00 canteen
Thursday 14 Feb De Bilt 16.00-17.00 Atrium


Result of members' consultation insurance repair Third year WW / WGA: Before!

Sweco has already agreed with the employees' organization in previous collective labor agreements, as soon as more was clear about this, to make further agreements about the third year of WW / WGA. Explains due care De Unie this in the end always for the members again. The members of Sweco who have cast their vote have unanimously opted for this option. In the Netherlands, 45.000 employers and 1,6 million employees have already preceded us and have now been called upon approximately 2000 times.

Member recruitment

Very important: De Unie only have a say in terms of employment by the grace of its members. A support base of some size is then emphatically desired. If support is lost, the seat at the negotiating table and therefore the possibility to participate in decisions is lost. I ask you to be alert to signals from colleagues who have not yet joined De Unie are connected. The reason you once joined can still be a reason for others to join too De Unie. You can easily register via

If you have any questions about the negotiations or would like to express an opinion, please contact the advocate by email or call 06-5252 2067.