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Sweco: membership is important


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Why should you be affiliated (organised) with an employee organization? That things are well organized is now so self-evident to many that no one wonders how it all came about. You may wonder what would happen if everyone ended their memberships.

As a Union, we are used to negotiating on the basis of arguments. That is what our members expect from us. It is important that the employer recognizes us as an equal party. The latter is something that sometimes falls short. Then an employer asks: “Who are you speaking on behalf of?”. Our representativeness is then questioned.

In addition to those arguments, there is apparently something else that is important: the degree of organization. How many members are members of an employee organization at this employer and in our case De Unie?

In general, it can be stated that there is a relationship between the degree of organization and the quality/level of employment conditions. Pilots and air traffic controllers traditionally have a degree of organization above 90%. I, advocate John Kapteijn, don't have to tell you anything about their terms of employment.

Week of the Vakbond – Sweco: The webinar on Tuesday 14 September

As part of the Week of the Vakbond the joint employee organizations are organizing a themed session on Tuesday 14 September 2021.

You can ask all your questions there. We are always interested in your opinion on various topics. There are two options to follow the webinar: At 12:00 and at 16:00. You can log in via the Microsoft Teams link in your calendar.


Employee organizations present themselves separately and with each other. And we ask you what you expect from us.

Discussion: Individual pay rise vs collective pay rise

In recent years, this has always been a hot item during the negotiations. “You can only spend money once”. So what do you want and why? We provide insight into how working with salary scales works out and individual increases work out. Then we ask for your opinion. You can influence what we as negotiators can achieve.

Discussie: Workplace – Home – Office – On location

A global pandemic brought us into a lockdown. Working from home suddenly became the norm. How did you like that? What about the new normal? How do you want it in the long run? As employee organizations, we look for the right policy together with you. This was already the case before the corona crisis. In this discussion, think about accessibility outside working hours. Based on your experiences and our knowledge, we can look for the right path.

In between you can of course also ask questions and make comments via the chat. We will respond immediately. Do you have other topics that you find interesting? Let us know. Who knows, we might even go into this during the meeting.

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