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Sweco: No repair third year WW and WGA


The poll among employees about whether or not to participate in the provision for the third WW and WGA year has led to the outcome that Sweco will NOT participate.

The turnout was 62%. This means that the poll is decision-making (requirement was 50% + 1).


The result is for all employees (whether or not affiliated with an employee organization):

  • Front: 37%
  • Against: 53%
  • No opinion: 10%

At CNV Vakmensen, 2/3 of the members voted in favor.

At FNV, 2/3 of the members also voted in favor.

With De Unie the members voted unanimously in favor (of the votes cast).

It's right, but it's not right

This is correct according to the procedure that the Working Conditions Consultation Committee (AVO) had agreed with Sweco. Whether it is good is another matter. It is difficult that a wish of employees' organizations is not honored: Third year WW and WGA is therefore not repaired at Sweco.


If there are any questions regarding this outcome, please contact the advocate via email or call 06-5252 2067.