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Successful and well-attended Thematic Meeting 'Retiring, retirement prospects'

"After today I know where I will start to prepare for my retirement."

Did you know that as long as your pension has not yet commenced, you can make all kinds of choices that affect your future? Once you have chosen, it is fixed for the next 20 to 30 years. Nice if you can make the right choice. To help you with this, organized De Unie on Friday, June 8, the event 'Stop working, retirement prospects'.

The meeting took place in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. More than 250 participants (members from the south of the Netherlands) visited this special location and were inspired and informed about the theme of pension. A topical but complex topic. Below you can read some reactions from the visitors:

“My husband has already retired and I am thinking about retiring earlier. I found the chairman's story very inspiring. It gives me direction how I want to give substance to my / our life in the coming period. Not only financially, but also in terms of our well-being. ”

“During your retirement, you will be informed through various channels that you should take into account and what you can do to prepare for your retirement. It is very nice that Martijn has put everything together and presented it in a package. Now I understand how one relates to the other. ”

“My biggest concern is not financial, but precisely: how am I going to organize my time? I postpone everything and every time I think: well, you can do that tomorrow too. But it doesn't feel satisfying. ”

“I am 300% surprised and find it all so professional. This morning we said to each other: if it is not fun or if it is too commercial, we will go home during lunch. But today it is really about the content so we stay and look forward to the afternoon program! ”

“I really enjoy today, sometimes it is just fun. I'm glad it's not very serious. But I do learn something from it, for example that it is not only about the financial side, but that it is much more about how you make this period fun. ”

“I joined 30 years ago De Unie. I first came into contact with a reorganization. That's why I joined De Unie. Over the years I have asked a question every now and then, but to be honest, it's not about me getting anything out of it. I became a member for the social purpose of a trade association like this one. For me it's also about the other. ”

“40 years ago there was a lot of noise at work. Various vakbondand presented themselves, but I chose De Unie. The main reason was that I found the others to be so negative and almost activist. That while I have enjoyed working for my employer for years. I have been a member for 40 years now and this meeting strengthens me again in my choice at the time. ”

We look back on a successful event. Are you between 60 and 66 years old and are you curious about what the next phase, retiring, means for you? De Unie would like to give meaning to your membership and regularly organizes events to inspire and inform its members. Keep an eye on our website or contact us via or via 0345 851 963.