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Vote for social plan RTL

De Unie has achieved a result on Thursday 14 June 2018 for a social plan that we are now on de Uniemembers want to submit. On Friday, June 22, 2018 we will see the members of De Unie happy to discuss this. Here will be colleagues who are members of the other two vakbondand also be present. It is important that we hear what the opinion is of de Uniemembers.

We have agreed on the following matters on the points below:


The term of the social plan runs from June 1, 2018 to January 1, 2020.

Calculation of severance payment and definition of monthly income:

The following components are taken into account for the monthly income: fixed and agreed wage components, such as (not exhaustive), personal allowances, a structural overtime allowance, NRD (irregularity allowance) and standby shift allowance are included in the calculation of the monthly income. The pension compensation has now also been added as a wage component in the calculation of the monthly income.

Reference date for the calculation is according to the vakbondand the date out of service and taken over by RTL as correct. The pension compensation that some have is included.

In last week's letter was an omission and the transition payment for the employee above 50 years is transition payment x 2,2 and not 2,3 as stated in the previous letter. That was a mistake on my part. Otherwise the calculation method is unchanged.

Younger than 40: transition payment x 2;

Between 40 and 50 years: transition payment x 2,1;
Employees over 50 years of age transition payment x 2,2.


When the EBITA (variable distribution) is paid out, 31 December of any year is taken as the reference date. Employees who leave employment within three months before the reference date will also receive EBITA in proportion to the number of months in that year that they are still employed. The EBITA of the previous year is used as the basis for the calculation.

Continued payment of the pension premium

The proposal to continue the pension accrual at PNO after the date of termination of employment has unfortunately been canceled. We received such a strong response that no agreements could be made about this. As an alternative, we have proposed that RTL for employees over 60 years of age will cooperate within the financial and fiscal possibilities to make an extra pension payment from the severance payment. For example, to get that from the gross severance payment, which can then become a net pension payment. This is being investigated by RTL.


There is now a text proposal in the social plan that an appeal can be made to the reimbursement of labor market-oriented training costs if this is substantiated by the employment agency.

Placement scheme

There is a placement scheme in the social plan. In that case, 70% of the severance payment will be paid.

Chain regulation

The statutory periods in the context of the chain determination of 3 months (before 2015) or 6 months (after 2015) are not seen as short interruptions and therefore those contract periods count in the calculation of the termination compensation.

Guidance committee

The composition of the supervisory committee will be adjusted: 1 on behalf of the employer and 1 on behalf of the employees who jointly appoint the external independent chairman.

Model settlement agreement

A model settlement agreement will be added as an appendix to the social plan.

Transition period

The transition period is partly linked to age, but also to years of service. Employees over 40 and employed for 10 years or longer will receive an additional 1 month transition period. At the age of 50, employees receive an extra transition period of 2 months regardless of the years of service.

Works Council (OR)

We have agreed that the Works Council will also receive formation plans and therefore better information to make their decisions.


Op Friday, June 22, 2018 at noon in the Cinema Hall we will provide further information to the members of the vakbond. Read the entire text of the social plan here.
The members of De Unie have received an invitation to vote.