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Vote negotiation result asr

Our members have been informed of what has been achieved negotiation result with asr on 21 February 2019. The main conclusion is that both sides are aware that we need to find a connection in order to continue the collaboration properly for the coming period.

Because there are a few complex cases to be solved together, including about a new pension scheme.

So to start; I am personally happy that we have found conversation again. Because that was what I received as feedback from many members and have taken to heart. Ensuring that we are able to bridge the differences and achieve a better result.

As far as I am concerned, it worked!

Pay raise

We have a better result on the structural wage increases. 3% from 1 March 2019 (instead of from 1 July). And the wage increase for 2020 is also 3% from 1 March. This is a significant improvement on both the total and the starting dates.

We see in this that asr certainly expresses its appreciation for everyone who contributed to a positive result for the organization in 2018.

Remaining appointments

Many of the previous agreements are reflected in this negotiation result.

We have made additional agreements on a number of subjects. Work pressure becomes part of the periodic consultation. And within the framework of the life interpretation policy, informal care and policy for the elderly have been added as benchmarks for this policy.

What we find positive is that we have established the involvement of employees in the implementation of the life interpretation policy and the pension issue. Because all these agreements affect all employees and it is important to properly involve people in this.

And the partner leave of 5 weeks is and remains a great appointment for prospective parents.

To vote

Since we consider this a negotiation outcome that we can support, we explain this positive in front of.

I have already received a positive response from several members:

“Best collective labor agreement in the industry. With a nice study of life interpretation policy ”

“Congratulations with this result. Still relevant better than the first “final offer”! The added value of the unions is again apparent from this. ”

"Appropriate increase for the deployment of asr personnel"

“This was the intention! A great result. Thanks for the effort. ”

De Unie will ensure that we cooperate with asr in a good and constructive manner and that we will work in co-creation on the important subjects, as agreed in the negotiation result.

The vote runs to March 10, 2019.

Thank you for your trust and commitment.