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Current affairs of the Metalektro collective agreement

In the past period it has been a bit quieter with campaigning for a good collective labor agreement for Metalektro. During the holiday period, no consultation took place and we are therefore no closer to a solution. Incidentally, were vakbondand available for consultation when the employers (FME) would come up with a serious proposal. This has not been the case to date.

What now?

De Unie is committed to a fair and balanced collective labor agreement. In the coming period we will be present in various places when action is taken. Unfortunately, we will have to do this until we have reached agreement with the FME on a new collective labor agreement. Send a signal so that we can agree on a good collective labor agreement for everyone.

What asks De Unie and what do employers offer?

De Unie the FME has issued an ultimatum. This ultimatum is based on our proposal letter. A comparison:

In the 5 negotiating rounds preceding the ultimatum of De Unie we have of course tried to take steps and adapt proposals. But now that employers are not willing to come to an agreement, we have returned to the beginning, our first collective labor agreement proposals.

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Make De Unie stronger in your interest!

What is also important, of course, is the representativeness of De Unie in the consultation. We see that employers are increasingly making negative proposals for middle and higher incomes.

Examples are:

  • Generation pact only for basic collective labor agreement
  • Wage proposals only for employees with a salary up to € 80.000
  • Proposals to abolish the entire HP collective labor agreement!

To prevent employers from succeeding, it is important to organize enough opposition! De Unie has strongly opposed these developments during the previous and also during these negotiations. Help us and yourself by checking whether employees working in the Metalektro also want to join De Unie. This allows us to make our sound heard better and better!