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Sports institutions: Participation

We would like to invite de Uniemembers for the Kick off Participation 'Participation is profit.' During the Kick-off, experienced trainers will have their say and tips and tricks will be offered to (further) shape the participation in the organization. There is also room for networking. In this newsletter you can read more about the Kick off and the registration method.

An (interactive) afternoon especially for you

The content of the (interactive) afternoon partly depends on the results of the survey conducted among employers & employees. If the questionnaire has not yet been completed, you can still do so (employee). You can give an opinion until March 11, 2019.

At the end of the afternoon you have an idea of:

  • The possibilities offered by the collective labor agreement for Sport to create tailor-made solutions at organizational level in collaboration with the employee participation bodies
  • The added value of good employee participation in a sports organization, now and in the future;
  • What is involved in what is needed to set up a participation body;
  • Where to find information and support.

Practical information 

De UnieMembers are very welcome at Thursday 4 April 2019 of 13.00:17.00 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm hours in the Color Kitchen at Pr. Christinalaan 4 in Utrecht. Participation is free of charge. You can park in front of the door. The information is intended for all employers and employees, with or without (membership of) a participation body.

Sign up for the Kick off

Would you like to know more about participation in sports? You can register now via this online form. For questions, please contact Marieke Audenaerde or Frank van Gene via