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Sports institutions: CLA 2019/2020

Rejected final offer (December 2018) with great pain and effort to negotiation result (March 2019)

The final offer of December 17, 2018 was rejected by employees. That in itself is remarkable in a sector where employees and employers have been able to find each other reasonably well. The fact that a lot of pushing and pulling was now required to arrive at a negotiation result should make employees think. The wind is starting to blow from a different angle and for that reason alone it is very important that the membership numbers of employee organizations increase considerably.

Difficult against the wind

The negotiation result of March 21, 2019 is here to read.


The annual structural wage increase can be divided into two parts: As of 1 January 2019 structural increase: wages by 2% and year-end bonus by 0,3%. As of January 1, 2020 structural increase: wages by 2% and the year-end bonus by 0,3%. (At sports institutions with a 13th month, the 13th month is also increased by 2%).

Everything we can do in the context of Sustainable Employability has been included. However, we must be careful not to get bogged down in measures that do not really work.

Budget for Sustainable Employability

If there is one industry where people should know everything about recovery, decreasing physical capacity and the prevention of injuries and failure, it is the sport. Apparently this only applies to athletes and not to employees. While working in sports is now also top sport in itself. De Unie has very concrete ideas about this.

De Unie has provided a ready-to-cook recipe to arrive at a budget with which the employee could start. In addition, we have indicated employers on a silver platter with which the employee could start when it comes to Sustainable Employability.

Now that there is a negotiation result, I would like to hear from the employees what they think of the final offer.

De Uniemembers have received an invitation to vote until April 3, 2019.

We call on everyone to vote. Of course only the votes of the members count in the result, but we think it is important to also know what non-members think of this final offer. So also pass on the link to colleagues!

Employer and employee representatives knew where to find each other. There was intensive contact and parties had an eye for each other's interests. That should take advocacy to the next level. It is precisely in such an industry that Union membership has added value. Involvement is essential in this. Especially when the wind starts to blow from a different angle.

If you have any questions about the negotiations or expressing an opinion, please contact me at or call 06-5252 2067.