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NN Group Social Plan

De Unie has concluded a social plan with NN-group and that is a great good. However, we must realize that this social plan was concluded when the labor market was good and employees expected to be able to find another job quickly if they were made redundant in a reorganization. Times have changed in the meantime.


Changing circumstances

This means that several members are now in contact with De Unie have included. At their request De Unie spoke with NN-group and conveyed the concerns of these employees.

  • De Unie has drawn attention to the changing labor market. At the moment there are hardly any vacancies, and network conversations are also canceled.
  • De Unie wants to discuss how redundant employees can be accommodated by NN-group. A dismissal always leads to an uncertain situation, but these colleagues are unexpectedly faced with an even greater problem. Vacancies are withdrawn, training and retraining cannot be started and even networking is very difficult at the moment.

In addition, De Unie also urged not to implement more reorganisations at this time. We have already made agreements about this with various companies. This is in the interest of the employees involved. But also from the company itself. At the moment, it is not possible to make well-balanced decisions due to lack of consultation options (Teams has its limitations). It is also not yet known at all what the effects of the current crisis will be on the economy.

NN-group measures

NN-group has indicated that it is prepared to make extra efforts within the limits of the social plan. The employer has also asked the counseling agencies to make extra efforts to give the best possible interpretation to the counseling period of the social plan. The Career Center (recruitment) is also making more intensive efforts to have internal vacancies filled by internal employees. About 200 vacancies are open at NN-group.

Point of view De Unie

It is of course nice that the employer makes these efforts, the signal of De Unie was quickly picked up. We cannot yet assess whether these steps will achieve sufficient results. On April 29 De Unie periodic consultation with the employer. We will then discuss how the Career Center (recruitment) helps supernumerary colleagues to qualify for internal vacancies.

  • De Unie would like to at least agree on a target figure, what percentage of internal vacancies must in any case be filled internally. But of course we first speak with the Career Center and ask about their vision on increasing the internal placement options.
  • Employees who are now redundant expect their employer to share the relief of the adverse situation more fairly between employee and employer. De Unie discusses on April 29 how the effort of NN-group has been received by the redundant employees.
  • De Unie has called for a reorganization stop. In the first instance, it is up to the employee representatives to agree with NN-group which reorganisations should be continued and which should be postponed.


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