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RJC Martinair: Chrome 6 RJC in the media


Thursday February 14, various media paid attention to the Chrome 6 problem at the Regional Jet Center Martinair.



The well-being of the RJC colleagues and members is the number one priority of De Unie. There must be something in that De Unie concerns the bottom stone coming up. To achieve that, we are working diligently and hard to set up an independent investigation.

We regret the decision of FNV to go public with our file unannounced, as in our opinion there was still constructive consultation in order to arrive at an independent investigation desired by the Works Council, unions and RJC.

In addition, there is no concerted action in this way, which weakens our position to force an independent investigation. After all, the joint action of the Works Council and the collective unions offers the strongest position.

Friday, February 15, there will be another consultation between the Works Council and the unions. In it we look at what damage the process - to get to the bottom of the matter through an independent investigation - has incurred as a result.

As soon as there is news, our members will be further informed. Questions can be put to the executives at RJC or to the representative, Gertjan Tommel, via