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Repair of third unemployment benefit year arranged at ICS

Last week we sent our members at the major banks and insurers the following message;

“We have now received a message about the definitive implementation date. The repair collective labor agreement for the financial sector has been declared generally binding and as of 1 June 2018 the repair of the third year of unemployment benefit for employees in the Banks and Insurers sector has been arranged.

This means that if you unexpectedly lose your job on 1 June 2018 or earlier, the scheme will be too late for you. If a later date is stated in your settlement agreement, you are entitled to the repair.

Click here for more information about your possible unemployment benefits in years.

Op You can also find information about the scheme for the repair of the third year of unemployment benefit. I can be reached by e-mail for questions and comments We will keep you informed!"

Since ICS employees are covered by the general banking collective labor agreement, this scheme also applies to you. In concrete terms, this means that there can be a big difference in unemployment benefit entitlement if you lose your job on 1 June or if this happens on 2 June.


For questions and comments on this subject you can reach me by e-mail or call 06-52522065.