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Travel industry: No collective labor agreement yet!

De vakbondand have been negotiating a new collective labor agreement for employees for some time now. The old CLA already expired in November 2018, so it's time for a new CLA. However, the raft is not, so here is an intermediate score.

New CLA strongly outdated

The collective labor agreement of recent years is largely based on retail. Especially for employees in the travel shops. However, the industry has been changing rapidly in recent years. Many companies have switched from offline to online or combinations thereof. Many positions that currently occur in practice are not included in the collective labor agreement. All kinds of modern themes such as development, modern working hours are missing or outdated. Arrangements for tour guides are also lacking. Signal for a completely new collective labor agreement.

De Unie wants to agree on a collective labor agreement for a modern collective labor agreement in which the different types of companies and all positions are given a place. A travel sales person is different from an IT specialist or online marketer. It is a process that will take a lot of time. The planning provides for an agreement around the coming summer.

Intermediate collective labor agreement

That would mean that the employees would not have a new CLA for the time being and therefore no salary increase. We think this is unjustified and that is why the vakbondand proposed to agree on an interim collective labor agreement. We want to agree on a few points for the interim period, such as a pay rise.

We have been talking about this with the Anvr for some time now. They made us a final offer for a pay rise. We think that this offer is definitely too low and are very disappointed. The Anvr negotiators have indicated that they do not have a mandate for a higher offer. This means that there is no prospect of a wage increase in the short term. We regret that very much. Of course we are using all our influence to change the Anvr's mind.

Modern collective labor agreement and pension

Fortunately, discussions about a modern collective labor agreement and adjustment of a new pension scheme are going well. We put a lot of time and energy into it. Employees and vakbondsleds are involved in various working groups.

As soon as there is more news we will de Uniemembers again. We do our utmost to achieve a good result.