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Reinier Castelein today in the broadcast 1Vandaag about Air France-KLM

Chairman Reinier Castelein argued in a broadcast of 1Vandaag on Friday evening to maintain a strong Dutch 'voice' within Air France-KLM. He responded to swelling rumors that KLM CEO Elbers would be pushed aside by Ben Smith, the newly appointed director of Air France-KLM.
Castelein finds it impossible that the position of Pieter Elbers is under discussion. “I hear that Smith has been canceling every meeting with Elbers for months. I find it bizarre to see how things can go in a billion dollar company. ” Castelein had hoped that an 'independent' (not French, not Dutch) top man had been appointed with Smith, but now questions the course of the Canadian.
A petition to maintain Elbers had already been signed 13.000 times on Friday evening. Castelein thinks that is an enormous number: “It gives me goosebumps”.

Watch the broadcast of 1Vandaag here.