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Response to the corona admission ticket bill

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VCP, FNV and CNV have on 24 November 2021 in a brief indicated to the House of Representatives that they want Minister De Jonge to withdraw the bill that makes it possible to check corona admission tickets (CTBs) in the workplace. The bill was sent to the House of Representatives.

The unions believe that the bill violates the rights of employees: their medical privacy and the right to physical integrity. While one of the goals was to create a safer workplace, the aim of the law is now to reduce the infection rates. This in fact introduces a form of compulsory vaccination. The bill also affects crucial employees who cannot work from home. Employees who are unable or unwilling to show a CTB or receive a red check mark may eventually be fired.

Read here the full response.

The trade union federation VCP, where De Unie has previously called for a moment to reconsider the current crisis policy. Read this call here

In the run-up to this statement, De Unie conducted a survey among members to gauge how employees view the QR code issue in the workplace. The results of this survey and the reactions of concerned members show that there are different opinions and angles. This image confirms the need for a moment of reconsideration and, above all, carefulness in fundamental discussions like this one. read here the outcome of the investigation.

Apart from the fundamental considerations that make a moment of reconsideration desirable, the trade union federations now jointly express their concerns about the legal aspects of the proposed amendment to the law and the consequences that this will have for individual employees.