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Rabobank: From planning to implementation at Obvion

This newsletter is about the developments at Obvion, one of the two employers who sign Rabobank's collective labor agreement. Monday, February 18, 2019 was De Unie together with the other trade unions visited Obvion for a meeting with a delegation from the works council (OR), HR manager Rob Senden and chairman of the board Carlo van Kemenade.

The developments

The developments at Obvion are related to the pillars ObviONS, our customer and advisor, operational excellence and a house in order. Below is a summary of the claims on it.

  • Absenteeism due to illness has gone from 9% to more than 4%.
  • The Employee Promoter Score (EPS) went from +6 to +41 at the staff meeting in November 2018. The management goal was +30.
  • The number of 130 external employees reduces management in favor of vacancies for permanent employees. This is partly due to the high hiring costs and growth opportunities for our own personnel.
  • The management positions are filled and all members of the Management Board (MB) are at the AFM for assessment. Clarity about their assessment as 'policymaker' will follow in March 2019.
  • With the help of a coach, the MB will start with a 360-degree assessment in which everything is shared within the MB. If necessary, management will also follow.
  • The time has now come for the MB to switch from making plans to implementing them. There is a concern about the multitude of plans. It is also a test of the executive power of management and employees.
  • The product proposition must be ready in May 2019.
  • Obvion has subscribed for 25% more production for 2019 and will realize this. The market share is rising again.
  • Digitization is very important and has been given its own team. The vacancy for its manager is posted on the website.
  • Obvion has the learning money foundation and the mining museum as its CSR goals. Old laptops are refurbished and sold. The proceeds are used to buy new laptops for the Leergeld foundation.
  • The Obvionrun as an event originated. Adults and children can participate and Obvion employees help as volunteers.

OR Obvion

The trade unions also spoke with four works council members of Obvion. During these consultations Rabobank's employee participation, the renewal in the Works Council, the upcoming negotiations and the request for advice on Operations were discussed. In Operations, a lot will change this year as a result of digitization and operational excellence. A reduction is expected from 99 to 72 formation places. This will be achieved in the second half of 2019 by reducing external employees. Employees with an annual contract may also have to deal with this.


We made a follow-up appointment on Thursday 8 August 2019 to discuss the developments with the management and HR. We have also agreed again with the Works Council to learn from their side how things are going at Obvion.


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