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Rabobank: periodic meeting February 2020

On behalf of De Unie I, advocate Emanuel Geurts, have regular consultations at the bank together with Union executives, Mohamed Saddiki and Alexandra Bolland and FNV Finance and CNV Vakmensen. Patricia Gielis, Marlies Corvers and Christel Renkema from HR are sitting at the table from Rabobank. The topics we discuss are related to the agreements in the collective labor agreement, the social plan, pension scheme, legislation, practice and the bank's business operations. Points raised by Union members are also discussed there.

Periodic consultations

  • The 2019 annual figures have been briefly discussed. CFO, Bas Brouwers, is invited to further clarify the figures in the short term.
  • The local banks must draw up an action plan at bank and circle level on how they can realize the outstanding 2000 FTE reduction by phasing out external contracts, not extending temporary contracts, natural turnover and the development of staff to another position. If this is not enough, a request for advice will follow in 2020.
  • Update CDD. The current secondments will be extended until the end of 2020 and CDDers are asked to work more to meet the April 1 deadline. The signals we are receiving are that there is great pressure on employees to do more files, not to take leave and not to work from home. According to the bank, this is voluntary.
  • For the employees involved, the spin-off of Surepay means that there is a 'transfer of undertaking'. Their terms of employment are transferred with the exception of pension and personnel conditions. HR will return to the number of employees, the exact date of transition and the employment conditions package with monthly compensation amount.
  • CFO Retail Markets Edwin de Weerd has a 2e gave a presentation on the market development 2020-2025, the consequences for Rabobank and the envisaged plans.
  • The details of the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB), which came into effect on 1 January 2020, has been the subject of discussion between the bank and the unions. The external expert has clarified the interpretation of the collective labor agreement and the law. The bank applies these now.


  • Just over 10.000 Rabobank employees completed the collective labor agreement survey and more than 2700 Rabobank employees have already viewed the collective labor agreement webcast. The webcast and all information discussed in the theme groups can be found on the HR portal under the 'tile' collective labor agreement negotiations. A brief overview shows where we stand with the conversations.
  • I would like to hear from you de Unie-members what they want to include in the cooperative collective labor agreement, whether the social plan still meets your wishes, the pension scheme needs to be adjusted, what is needed for personal development, how you feel valued and what an appropriate salary increase is for the new collective labor agreement, social plan and pension scheme. Please let me do this before Friday February 28 know through emanuel.geurts@unie.nl.
  • The commitment letters from the unions and bank will be exchanged on March 4 and we will start negotiations on March 9 and 10. After these days I bring de Uniemembers about this.

Grow! Career scan

In the current collective labor agreement we have made agreements about sustainable employability. The personal training budget is the most tangible result of those agreements. The budget can also be used for one career scan at De Unie. In individual conversations with an experienced coach and during our workshop with colleagues from the financial sector, we inspire you to get started with your future at the bank or elsewhere. Curious? For questions and comments we can be reached via careerscan@unieconsultancy.nl and 0345-851 256. Or leave here a callback request.


Responding to this member letter or having contact about a collective case, I can be reached via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or via telephone number 06-52522074. For individual advice, please contact my colleagues from the service center department on 0345-851963, via email sc@unie.nl or the chat function www.unie.nl. We are happy to help!