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Rabobank: Negotiations for social plan and pension

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 De Unie, Rabobank and the other trade unions continued to negotiate about pensions and the social plan. With this message we inform you of our steps towards a negotiation result for pension and social plan. The collective labor agreement will be discussed from September, so that the new employment conditions package will take effect on 1 January 2021.


With the pension file, we must be ready before the summer to give the fund time to correctly administer the agreed changes as of 1-1-2021. However, the issues we are talking about are tough stuff. What is a good pension? How certain are we of the results? What level of contribution is acceptable and how much pension can you get for it? What is a balanced weighing of the interests of the active, sleepers and retirees? The trade unions and the bank have to answer these questions together, but the pension fund also plays a role in this. And we are also looking at the ongoing pension negotiations in 'The Hague' with an oblique eye. What will come out of that also determines the (im) possibilities for us. In short, a big challenge to get this job done for you well and on time.

Social plan

With the social plan, the issues for the bank and the unions are clearer. If we look at the past years, the existing social plan basically does what it should do. However, the financial sector is still shrinking and I expect that this will also be the case at Rabobank. This makes the need for an extension of the social plan clear. Points that are on the table are the period for which the new social plan will apply and (at popular request) a voluntary redundancy scheme from the trade unions. A voluntary departure scheme could help the bank and its employees to prevent the forced departure of employees who would otherwise not leave the bank. In the coming negotiation day, the parties will continue to discuss the duration of the new social plan and the voluntary severance scheme proposed by the trade unions. So to be continued.


Monday, June 8, 2020, we have a whole day to digitally further negotiate about social plan and pension. After that, June 15, June 30, July 1 and July 7 are in the agenda. My estimate now is that we need that data, but that it should be enough to present you with a result.


If you want to respond to this message or want to contact me about a collective matter, you can reach me via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or via 06-5252 2074.