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Rabobank: Negotiation day expires

After announcing all measures taken by the government and Rabobank regarding the fight against the corona virus, the CLA parties discussed what this means for the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement, social plan and pension scheme at Rabobank.

Negotiation day March 30 expires

Monday, March 30, 2020, the next negotiation day was scheduled at Rabobank Lek en Merwede in Gorinchem. In any case, it will not take place now. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 9 April at the Rabobank in Lelystad. We are still examining whether it can continue as the current measures are in force until April 6, 2020. You will be informed about this later.

Information about corona

Because you no doubt have questions about the coronavirus De Unie an umbrella blog written with all relevant and reliable information about the corona virus. All information in this blog comes from government websites and is therefore the most reliable information available. In addition, study the instructions you receive from Rabobank or Obvion.


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