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Rabobank: first round of negotiations

It's started! After many months of preparation and research, we started negotiations on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 March 2020 for a new collective labor agreement, social plan and pension scheme with effect from 1 January 2021. Together with Union executives Alexandra Bolland and Mohamed Saddiki, I, advocate Emanuel Geurts , send me on behalf of De Unie to achieve a good result that receives support from de Uniemembers.

First round of negotiations

On the first day, we had a visit from group directors Bas Brouwers and Janine Vos to learn from them about the financial and personnel situation at the bank. In short, the bank faces major challenges in terms of (continuity of) income and there is still a lot of work to be done to have and keep staff deployable for the future of the work. As parties to the collective labor agreement, we will take this context into account in the discussions.

Then came the commitment letters from De Unie, Rabobank and other trade unions. The commitment letter from De Unie I explained and answered (explanatory) questions about this. The initial reactions of employees and members of the Union to the bank's commitment letter were that the correct themes were identified but the commitment was not very concrete. The bank still has some work to do there.

On Tuesday, we discussed the results of the risk appetite survey on pensions that had been completed by many (former) employees. One conclusion is that there is a spread of the desire for more or less risk and that this also depends on income, gender, age and education level. In itself logical. In terms of pension scheme, the trade unions prefer to optimize the existing CDC scheme. In any case, we will be working on this with the help of a technical working group and the pension fund. How can we use the legal parameters and premium to build up the best possible pension in a time with low interest rates? We put our teeth into it and get back to it.

We also discussed the approach to the negotiations and the communication during the negotiation phase. At the end of each negotiation day, we as CA parties provide feedback on the process to representatives of stakeholders in this process, such as the works council, pension fund, accountability body, association of pensioners and Rabobank subsidiaries.

Monday, March 30, the next negotiation day is on the program and we are visiting Rabobank Lek and Merwede in Gorinchem. Then all parties to the collective labor agreement will have to indicate which subject has which priority and value. Otherwise we will never get a step further and we will remain in our own comfort without results. On Thursday, April 9, we will be at Rabobank in Lelystad and on Monday, April 20, we will go to Obvion in Heerlen, the other employer in the Rabobank CLA.


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