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Rabobank: CLA, social plan and pension

In recent months, we have held discussions to arrive at a new collective labor agreement, social plan and pension scheme from 1 January 2021. When the corona crisis came, we continued to discuss how to proceed given the current situation. There is now clarity about this.

How further?

We have agreed that we will continue to discuss the topics of pensions and the social plan in the coming period. It is important to have clear in the summer what kind of pension scheme and social plan will apply in 2021. We will tackle collective bargaining issues after the summer when there is more clarity about the impact of the corona crisis. So we opt for a phased approach, but the goal is still to have a new collective labor agreement in time. In a video on Raboweb, the CLA parties jointly explain the current situation and the phased approach.

Via MS Teams we therefore continue to hold meetings about the process, communication, pension and social plan. The advantage of working online is that we were able to plan two extra dates in May. The executives of the trade unions are also present. It takes a bit of getting used to, but now we have become very useful. Not ideal for the conversations to continue like this, but next best.


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