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Rabobank: collective labor agreement process

The employees may have already seen the first reports about the start of the collective labor agreement process. Time to also start from De Unie to indicate how this process works and how de Uniemembers can provide input.

CLA process

Because the previous collective labor agreement process was not very successful, the parties to the collective labor agreement have taken a different approach this time. We already started this summer with the question of how we do the process differently. CLA parties want more with, for and by the employees to come to a new collective labor agreement, social plan and pension scheme as of 1 January 2021. We will therefore also visit various locations in the country to discuss this not only with each other, but especially with the employees. to speak about what concerns them.

We have also divided the process into an orientation and negotiation phase. In the orientation phase, five theme groups further elaborate on the topics valuation & reward, social plan & flexibility, training & development, pension and cooperative collective labor agreement. The groups each provide a report to the collective labor agreement parties containing choices, directions and scenarios for the negotiations. The theme groups started in September and will deliver their reports in February 2020. We also share its content with de Uniemembers, so that they know what choices there are (to be made).

The theme groups consist of representatives from HR, vakbondand, Works Council and Rabopensioenfonds. They involve various interest groups such as Jong Rabo, the VGR as well as employees through surveys, in-depth sessions, focus groups and Yammer. On 5 December 2019, the parties to the collective labor agreement asked the employees of Rabobank and Obvion to complete our online questionnaire by personal email. Please complete the questionnaire and indicate what is important for the new collective labor agreement. You can until December 13, 2019 to fill in. It will take you about 10 minutes.

After the preliminary work in the orientation phase, we will start the negotiations in March 2020 until the summer of 2020. It is not possible much later because the Rabopensioenfonds needs the time to arrange the new pension scheme before January 2021. Come before the negotiations start. I of course at de Uniemembers back asking what de Uniemembers for commitment to the negotiations.

The delegation of De Unie consists of executives Mohamed Saddiki and Alexandra Bolland. Michel Zwerink and Marja Roosen are available as a reserve. So have the other vakbondand Rabobank their delegations at the table. The parties to the collective labor agreement are guided by external process supervisors Michel Donners for the collective labor agreement and the social plan and Joop Rietmulder for the pension component.


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