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Agreement in principle social plan RTL

Yesterday, June 26, 2018, De Unie together with the other trade unions and the management of RTL reached an agreement in principle on a social plan RTL Nederland. We present this agreement in principle to the members with an emphatically positive advice. The points for improvement mentioned in writing by the members of the trade unions and during the meeting of Friday 22 June 2018 were discussed with the management. In our opinion, an excellent outcome has been achieved. Here the in-principle agreement on social plan can be read in full.

Looking back

On Friday, June 22, 2018, we discussed a negotiation result for a social plan with many RTL employees. At the same time, there was a written vote. Monday, June 25, 2018, the negotiation result turned out to be insufficient, according to the members. The majority of the votes cast was against. This was also the case at FNV.
Many members also argued why they considered the negotiation outcome unsatisfactory. With these points, the trade unions have again entered into consultation with the management. As a result, a social plan agreement in principle has been reached. This concerns the following points:
  • More space has been created between the age categories in the multiplier factor:
  • The maximum severance payment was € 125.000 and will be increased to twice the legal maximum
    = € 79.000 and is then rounded to € 160.000.
  • The placemaker scheme is now based on the placemaker's severance payment as if he were redundant. In the negotiation result, that was the compensation to which the originally redundant would be entitled.
  • The transition period included a service year limitation for the age group 40 and over. For an extra month of transition you had to have been employed for at least 10 years. That service year limitation will be removed.
  • For all employees, the transition period starts at least at the same time as the commencement date of the reorganisations, namely as of 1-8-2018 and therefore not at the moment of notification of redundancy. This then results in an additional extension of the transition period if the notice is given for

Decision-making members meeting

The management asks us to reach a decision-making process with the supporters in the short term. We would like to honor this wish of the management, because we also think that the members want to know where they stand in relation to the reorganization. After all, the Works Council has also issued its advice on the reorganization.
De Unie therefore submits this agreement in principle with the shortest possible procedure to a vote. We call on all members to come to a decision-making / deciding meeting where a vote will be taken on the agreement in principle reached.

This meeting will take place on:

Friday, June 29, 2018
Start: 10.00 hour
Location: RTL Cinemazaal, next to the reception main entrance

During the meeting, an explanation will be given of the agreement in principle reached, after which the members will proceed to a vote.

Positive advice

The new changes are significant and correspond to most of the criticisms brought in by members. Now that most of this has been honored by RTL, as well as the integral consideration of the social plan, we are submitting the agreement in principle to the social plan with a positive advice to our members. Nevertheless, the members have the final say. Therefore we very much hope for your presence at this important meeting.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ton van Eijden by e-mail or by telephone on 06-52522049.