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PLUS and Coop supermarkets: We have reached an agreement!

We have reached an agreement with Plus/Coop on the social plan for employees of the head offices. Your input was very important during the negotiations. Unfortunately we didn't achieve everything we wanted, but luckily most of it did. You can do the entire social plan here read. Below you will find the main points.

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Severance pay

The good news is that the severance pay will remain as it was in the old social plan. We have also been able to make better agreements about safeguarding your rights. There will now be a broader supervisory committee. In the old situation, the HR director could just make a decision.

Legal support

As a vakbondslid, you will be reimbursed for legal support up to €750. This is very important. Our own lawyers can almost always assist you for that amount. Of course they are aware of all the ins and outs of the social plan. This really helps in assessing whether everything is being handled correctly. Of course you are also a member of De Unie.

Commuting and working from home

Unfortunately, you cannot count with an average travel distance. We're sorry, but we couldn't agree on that. We understand your employer, because it is very difficult to calculate. We have, however, made an agreement that virtually everyone will be given the opportunity to travel outside peak hours. For example, by working from home first.


Please read the social plan carefully and then cast your vote until Sunday 23 January. The members have received an invitation to this effect. We present the social plan positively to you, but our members decide. That's how it goes with a vakbond. The vote therefore ends on January 23. We will share the result of the vote with you and your employer as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please send the representative Gerard van der Lit an email via