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Periodic VGZ consultation

De Unie regularly consults with VGZ. We then discuss the state of affairs of the company and current developments. A number of study agreements have been made in the collective labor agreement that must be completed before the next collective labor agreement negotiations. Progress in these agreements is discussed with De Unie.

CLA negotiations

The current collective labor agreement runs until December 31, 2019. We still have enough time to prepare the negotiations. De Unie wants to have the proposal letter ready well before the summer. We must consult carefully with members on an important subject. This concerns the extra benefits in kind that are part of the health insurance staff collectivity. VGZ has decided to stop this with effect from 1 January 2020. We must therefore agree on a good alternative in the collective labor agreement negotiations. We certainly want to involve the members in this. Thinking about alternatives for the extra benefits? Perhaps a good idea? Let us know by e-mail

Periodic consultation January 2019

State of affairs in organizational development
Last year, the Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2019-2021 was adopted. This MTP includes a considerable cutbacks. The divisions and members are now planning to run the MTP. These plans must become final in the month of March. Then get De Unie more insight into whether personnel consequences can be expected in 2019.

For the KS and O 2020 division, the emphasis is on forming multi-disciplinary teams, the so-called circles.
For the KMP division, work is now being done to ensure that the multi-disciplinary teams of this division are more closely aligned with the circles of KS and O.

The Datacare and Healthcare divisions are also developing their plans. These divisions are also working on the further roll-out of self-organizing teams.

Smaller requests for advice are submitted by the various staffs. VGZ wants to work more efficiently and therefore cheaper, an organizational model is sought for each staff or division that suits this purpose.

Closure Heerlen
In 2018, VGZ announced that it would close the Heerlen location. This closure will take place shortly. De Unie has now received a Collective Dismissal Notification Act. In a few months, all permanent VGZ employees at this location or company will leave or follow their work to Eindhoven. The early announcement of the closure did help to limit the number of redundancies. Almost 30 colleagues have found another solution externally or internally.

Transfer season results
VGZ seems to have done well. The first numbers look good.

Renewal R and O cycle     
The R & O cycle consists of the agreements made with the managers at the beginning of the year. In the meantime, the employee discusses the progress and at the end of the year the assessment is based on the results achieved. If the employee has not yet reached the maximum of the scale salary, the assessment determines how much the salary will increase.

The employer wants to with De Unie talk about the renewal of the R and O cycle and the individual salary increase. The employer wants to switch to a system where employees who are not yet at the end of their scale receive an annual periodic increase. De Unie is not against this in advance. We still have to agree with the employer in the collective labor agreement negotiations how big such an increment is.

Next periodic consultation

The next periodic meeting is on April 4, 2019.

In any case, we are talking about:

  • the developments in the organization
  • renewal of the job evaluation system

Are there any topics to add to the agenda? Please contact me by e-mail or call 06-5252 2091.