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Periodic consultation NN group

De Unie has regular consultations with your employer about current developments at NN-group. The last meeting took place on July 15, 2020. Below you can read what was discussed during this meeting. In addition, I provide information about other current events that may be of interest to you.

Periodic consultations

In the periodic consultation, discussions were held in general about NN's Vitality Policy and the implementation of the Participation Act. Extensive discussions were also held about the structure of the new Learning and Development department. NN's HR department has gone through major reorganisations, in which many employees have changed positions or left the company. The HR department is gradually taking shape again. This is important if we also want to formulate new policy in the coming collective bargaining agreement.

Long live

The acquisition of part of the Vivat portfolio means that a large number of Vivat colleagues will transfer to NN's Non-life and Income division. The actual transfer of these colleagues will be on 1 October 2020 or on 1 January 2021, the last group will transfer on 1 April 2021. Applications for integration advice will be dealt with in the coming period. This integration can lead to redundancies, both among employees who come from Vivat and among employees who have been working for NN-group for some time. Members who become redundant as a result of these integration advice requests can rely on the legal assistance of De Unie. Also can De Unie provide advice on the possibilities that NN offers to find another job internally or externally.

Inspiration sessions

In the NN collective labor agreement it has been agreed that NN and the trade unions will organize inspiration sessions together. The purpose of the inspiration session is to provide employees with information and to let them experience how the collective labor agreement provisions can be used by the employees. Many of the rights and possibilities offered by the collective labor agreement are rarely used because they are relatively unknown.

The inspiration sessions are planned in the autumn, in all probability they will be online sessions. Are there any topics you would like to be inspired about? Then contact me. In the coming weeks, work will be done on the preparation of the inspiration sessions.


The ING Pension Fund (PFI), in which approximately 4.000 NN employees have built up part of their pension, has informed the participants that indexation will be postponed in 2020. NN salaries were increased by 1% on 2020 July 3. The normal course of events is that the accrued pensions are indexed with the same percentage. The decision of the PFI board to postpone indexation was prompted by the uncertainty about balanced representation of interests. In addition to NN employees, PFI must also index ING employees and the sleepers and retirees. De Unie has since consulted the PFI board. The first result of our consultation is the confirmation that if the 2020 indexation is implemented, it will be calculated retroactively to 1 July 2020. The reservation that PFI makes must be made by the pension fund in their role. From De Unie there is confidence that the indexation can be paid for the active members. An equalization fund was set up in 2014 for these types of problems, which means that the financial resources are available to make indexation possible for active members.

De Unie has also started consultations with the NN-CDC pension fund. The low interest rate presents a challenge to all pension funds. NN's CDC pension fund is no exception.

Covid-19 measures

NN is working on the back-to-office policy. For the time being, voluntary office work is assumed. The emphasis in the discussion is on health and safety.

In practice, you see that smaller insurers now largely work from the office locations again. But for an organization like NN this is more difficult to achieve because large offices and the dependence on public transport appear to be an obstacle in the current situation. De Unie has submitted in the consultation that the positive experiences with working from home are important in creating a new balance between working at an office location and working from home.

Partner leave

The WIEG Act entered into force on 1 July 2020. This law regulates the maternity leave that fathers can take in connection with the birth of a child. NN had proposed to replace the partner leave scheme in the collective labor agreement with an improved birth leave scheme. De Unie submitted this proposal to the members. The result was positive, a large majority of the members agreed to an interim amendment to the NN collective labor agreement. NN has now published the new scheme.

Preparation of collective bargaining consultations

To prepare the collective bargaining has De Unie conducted a survey among members. Many members have already completed the survey. Thank you so much for that, A good idea of ​​the ideas and feelings of the members helps us to prepare the draft proposal letter.

Your opinion

Do you have any questions regarding this message? Or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Give your opinion by sending an email to inge.de.vries@unie.nl or call 06-5252 2091.